MicroSeal Fabric Protection


Cost – $5.00 psf

The MicroSeal Formula…

was originally developed many years ago by researchers in London, to imitate the natural protection of sheep’s wool and is tested and approved by the Woolsafe Organization. Independent lab tests and the aerospace industry proved MicroSeal worked equally well on all natural and synthetic fabrics without changing texture or color. Just like Coca-Cola, the decision was made to keep the formula a trade secret rather than file a patent that could be partially copied or obtained upon expiration. MicroSeal is trusted in million dollar interiors worldwide and is non-toxic, non-allergenic and California VOC compliant.

  1. Permanent Stain Resistance – Will survive many professional cleanings
  2. Permanent Sun Fade Resistance – Near 100% on many fabrics and carpets
  3. Seal All Fabrics/Carpets – Wools, cottons, silk, synthetics, suede smooth leather

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